The portal, which AIMSAD launched in 2020 in order for its member companies to introduce their products to target markets, proved its success in a short period. Visited by more than 50 thousand unique visitors, the website plays an important role in promoting Turkish woodworking machines to the whole world.

AIMSAD continues its efforts to support the exports of its member companies. In this context, member companies can easily introduce their machines to their target markets with the portal launched in 2020.

The portal, which is a very important work for the woodworking machinery industry, has received more than 50 thousand visits so far. When the data of the website were analyzed, it was seen that 88 percent of the number of visitors in question were new visitors. Each member has an online store of their own company on the website, which is visited especially from India, USA, China, United Kingdom, Iran, Egypt, Germany, United Arab Emirates and Russia. In this online store, the company’s contact information, company product catalogs, all product-related details and even photos and videos can be accessed.


Up to now, nearly 500 products in 40 different categories have been entered on the portal, which includes 70 AIMSAD members. Attaching great importance to the promotion of the platform that AIMSAD member companies can use free of charge, AIMSAD continues to work on the website in international fairs and organizations it participates in. In the portal, where companies can place additional banner advertisements, the revenues obtained from the advertisements are also used in the Google and social media promotions of the site. 65% of the visitors to the portal, which is easily accessible via mobile devices, were organic visitors. 35% of them visited the site through Google ads.


Prepared entirely in English, the website contains detailed information about AIMSAD, the woodworking machinery industry, Turkey’s general information and sectoral news. Arif Onur Kaçak, Secretary General of AIMSAD, stated that new works will continue to develop the portal in 2022; “It is a work that we value very much as an association. We will continue the promotional activities of the portal without interruption this year.’’