WoodTech Fair, which is the global meeting point of the woodworking machinery industry, proved its success once again this year, as in previous years, with full marks from both participants and visitors.

“WoodTech Fair was a very satisfying fair especially for foreign visitors”

AIMSAD Secretary General Arif Onur Kaçak

WoodTech 2022 Fair was a very successful fair this year, as it was in previous years. In the meetings we held with both the participants and the visitors, we mutually confirmed that we are organizing a fair that meets the needs, guides the sector and provides significant support to export figures. WoodTech Fair, which we took part in with 73 AIMSAD member companies, was a very satisfying fair especially for foreign visitors this year. More than 12 thousand foreign visitors from many different countries of the world visited our fair both to buy machinery and to make new dealership contracts. A trade volume of 1 billion TL was captured at the WoodTech Fair, which continued intensively for five days, compared to 350 million TL last year. Both the interviews we had and the resulting trade volume clearly demonstrated the success of WoodTech. Our goal is to make the WoodTech Fair, which will be organized alone next year, one of the most important fairs in Turkey. In line with this purpose, we will work hard to achieve successful works with Reed TUYAP as AIMSAD, as we did before.

“We have no doubt that WoodTech, which will be organized alone next year, will be a more prestigious fair”

Mevlüt Dinç, Member of the Board of Dinçmak Makina

WoodTech 2022 was a fair that exceeded expectations for our company. Frankly, we kept our expectations low due to the pandemic period and the economic contractions that followed. However, there was a very serious increase in the number of domestic and especially foreign visitors. We had many guests from new geographies and countries as well as Arab and Balkan countries that visit our fair every year. The products we exhibited attracted great attention especially from European visitors. Although it will become clearer after the fair, as Dinçmak, we have made a significant amount of machine sales connections and new dealership meetings. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Reed TUYAP and our association AIMSAD, who contributed to the organization of our fair. We believe that our fair, which gets stronger every year, will attract much more attention next year. We have no doubt that our WoodTech Fair, which will be organized alone next year, will be a more prestigious fair. In the next year, we will have to spend a lot of effort and work hard to organize our fair under the best conditions. We are sure that all fair stakeholders will do their best in this regard.

“We will work hard together to make our fair a global center of attraction”

As Metal Financial Director Gürkan Necipoğlu

We left behind a successful and fruitful fair for our industry. At the WoodTech Fair, which was visited by 60 thousand people, we saw a great increase in the number of foreign visitors this year. This made us, the participants, very satisfied. In the survey conducted after the fair, an enormous satisfaction rate of 98 percent was found. As As Metal company, which exports a large part of the machines it manufactures, it was very important for us to come together with people from abroad who have knowledge of the machine. But our real responsibility begins after that. We are starting to organize our fair, which has achieved great success for the 35th year, as of next year, so we have a lot of work to do. We will work hard together to make our fair a global center of attraction. In 2023, we will organize our fair with a completely different vision.

“We exceeded our target at the fair”

Erbil Oytan, Katay Makine Business Development Manager

As Katay Makine, we had a very good fair. We participated in the WoodTech Fair with our new products this year. As Katay Makine, we are a company that attaches importance to innovation and carries out important studies in this direction. We think that we have analyzed the needs of the market well. We made a difference with our new products at the fair, and increased our awareness in the market with our existing products. Especially “Pro” really got the attention it deserved throughout the fair. We say that the Pro is the best machine, the customer who really understands the machine saw that it was the right option for them. Of course, we are happy that the customer who comes to our stand understands the machine. Apart from that, we were visited by people with potential customers from different countries during the fair. Therefore, we were very pleased with the participation of foreign visitors. We exceeded our target at the fair.

“We encountered a record sales and visitor interest in WoodTech Fairs that we have attended for years”

Ahmet Şahin, Elfamak Sales Manager

As Elfamak Makine, we always attach great importance to the WoodTech Fair. The fact that it is the largest fair of the industry in our country and that it is the largest fair of the region in the Asia-Europe location, where many countries can easily participate, makes WoodTech even more valuable. We prepared at a very intense pace for this year’s WoodTech 2022 Fair. Although we could not exhibit many of our products due to space conditions, we had the opportunity to introduce our CNC multi-drilling machine Ceo, our fully automatic cover and modular production line Venom, and our CNC nesting machines Torro Plus and Astro Plus. In general, we encountered an intense visitor interest and we think that we have received a great reward for our efforts. We encountered a record sales and visitor interest in WoodTech Fairs, which we have attended on behalf of Elfamak for years. We have established very good collaborations at home and abroad. I can say that it was 5 full fair days for us. Seeing that the trust of the visitors in our brand and products is increasing day by day, and that they demand new products from us on behalf of the sector, both increase Elfamak’s responsibility on behalf of the sector and provide us with a driving motivation source. I would like to thank all our customers and visitors who visited us, participated and made commercial cooperation with us at WoodTech 2022. Hope to see you again in the coming years.

“As Özbaşkent, we had a very productive fair”

Özbaşkent Foreign Trade Manager Fatih Karslı

As Özbaşkent, I can say that we had a very productive fair. At the fair, there was the expected intensity after the pandemic. People intensified their overdue demands this year. There were visitors from different countries, the fair was quite busy. Compared to previous years, visitors were much more interested. I can say that it was a fair that met our expectations. We had visitors from Balkan countries, Turkic states, and some northern countries, mostly from Arab countries. We had important conversations with these visitors. These meetings were much more serious than the previous years. Coming to the domestic market, the demand was slightly lower due to the prices, but it still had a dynamic in itself. In my opinion, next year, the market will get used to the new conditions and the existing activity in the domestic market will increase even more. In the next 6-7 months, we need to be a little patient. The concept of our fair will change next year, and we will participate in the fair on a larger square meter.

“We find the opportunity to launch our new machines every year at the WoodTech Fair”

AES Group Sales and Marketing Manager Volkan Kibar

As AES Group, we have the opportunity to launch our new machines every year at the WoodTech Fair, and we also make very valuable agreements. While we hosted visitors from many parts of the world at our stand this year, we took very important steps on behalf of our company and Turkish woodworking machinery. This year, we welcomed our visitors with many innovations at our main stand in the 3rd hall. First of all, starting from this year, we have divided our product range into two main groups as ULTRA and PRO series. We support sustainable production with low initial investment cost and high energy savings with the improvements we made in the design of our PRO series machines. Welcoming more than 60 thousand visitors this year, 12 thousand of which are from abroad, WoodTech Fair is on its way to becoming the most important woodworking machinery organization in the world. We believe that this number will continue to increase in the coming year. With the separation of Intermob and WoodTech Fairs next year under the leadership of AIMSAD, we think that the fair, which will be held in a larger area alone between 19 – 23 October, will be a visual feast for the visitors. See you next year at WoodTech’s new date, with our innovations.

“We received a large number of machine orders at the fair”

Baromak General Manager Onur Ozbek

I think I can’t say anything different from other companies for WoodTech 2022 because every company I talked to said that the fair was very productive in the same way. The WoodTech Fair for Baromak did not surprise us by going even better than previous years. We hosted many qualified visitors from the first day of the fair until the closing time of the last day. There was a much more conscious visitor group this year compared to previous years, and the company, which wanted to invest in many machines due to the recently increased prices, waited for this fair with the thought of getting a more attractive price. For this reason, there was a structure of visitors who came to buy machines and knew what they wanted to do. We received a large number of machine orders at the fair and we had many meetings that will turn into sales in the coming days. I think that the fair will be much more productive with the separation of WoodTech Fair from Intermob Fair next year.

“WoodTech Fair is a prestige area for our industry”

Orimak General Manager Hasan Cengiz

WoodTech Fair is a fair for which we, as Orimak, attach great importance and prepare very well. WoodTech, which succeeds in taking its success to the next level every year, was very good in terms of foreign visitors this year. As Orimak, we had a very productive and profitable fair. During the fair, especially visitors from abroad showed great interest in our machines. WoodTech Fair is a prestigious area for our industry, and we take great pleasure in being a part of this organization. In our meetings with other companies participating in the fair, the common idea of everyone was that WoodTech 2022 was very successful. We came together with the profile of foreign visitors who are enthusiastic about buying a machine and know what kind of machine they want in line with their needs. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the organization of the fair.

“Visitor profile was predominantly foreign”

Canmaksan Deputy General Manager Ozan Can

In general, we are pleased with the WoodTech Fair we held this year. Especially in the first two days, the visitor density was very good. But rather than the number of visitors, the interests, relevance and questions of the visitors are important to us. We now know how relevant the person is from the questions asked. Of course, there are some people who come to visit the fair by asking random questions, but I think that the meetings we have had in general have been productive. The visitor profile was mostly foreign, I would like to say that we are very satisfied with this situation. Our target audience is the dealers rather than the end user, and this year we interviewed many people from different countries. Among the meetings we held, there were mainly Balkan countries, we had visitors from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Lithuania. We had a good meeting with Portugal. I can say that we had a good fair as we were able to come together with countries that we have not entered the market yet. I did not see a big difference in the number of domestic visitors compared to previous years. Everyone wants to make an investment, but due to certain economic conditions, everyone has a reservation.

“Everyone deserves a proper fair on equal terms”

Tijen Akoğlu, Chairman of the Board of Fen-iş Makina

We are very pleased with this year’s fair, it was a fair that exceeded our expectations. WoodTech continues to be a fair where its foreign customers are increasing every year. I think that this success will increase even more in the next fairs. The Middle East is already a classic among our foreign visitors, but this year we had visitors from countries such as Sweden, England, Italy and America. When we look at the domestic visitors, I can say that the real buyers are coming. In the past, there were a lot of people who came to the fair with buses that were not related to the machine, but now that this application is not available, people who really need the machine come to our fair. We are also very pleased with the departure of the fairs next year. We were one of those who wanted this separation to happen the most. When this idea was first introduced, we already said it was very necessary because this fair really needs to grow. The number of our members is increasing day by day and we cannot find a place for them in the fairground. We want our friends downstairs to be in the upper halls as well. Everyone deserves a proper fair on equal terms. We will work hard for next year. Here, the issue is not just to buy a booth, but next year, everyone’s booth should be stylish. If we are going to make this fair prestigious, I think we need to take responsibility, give importance to visuality, and be much more careful, from our clothes to booth construction.

“This year, there was a very serious demand, especially from abroad”

Hüseyin Parsak, Ünalsan Overseas Sales and Marketing Manager

There was more participation than we expected. It was particularly busy on Saturday and Sunday. This year, there was a very serious demand, especially from abroad. We have observed that the number of participants from abroad has increased compared to previous years. We do not know whether the effect of this organization or the demands of the people increased, but we are very pleased that there is such a density. During the fair, there were many visitors from Arab countries, but also many visitors from Europe. We generally held talks on dealership agreements with our visitors from countries such as the Czech Republic, Romania, Moldova, France, and Italy. The demands of people coming from Europe are mostly in that direction. There was also a significant increase in the number of domestic visitors compared to previous years. We will probably get their feedback after the fair, but there seems to be a movement in the domestic market as well.

“Thanks to our performance at the fair, we will go beyond our targets and close the year”

Yelda Akıncı, Regional Director for Turkey and the Middle East at Biesse

As Biesse, we came before our customers and business partners for the first time with our renewed brand identity and new fair concept at Tuyap WoodTech Fair. It was a different fair experience for us. We can say that machines with automation systems, virtual reality areas and software solutions are the main components of our new concept. As a result, we received positive feedback from all our visitors and business partners, which made us very happy. However, we had a fair where we were very productive. We recorded significant figures in terms of the number, quality and sales of both domestic and foreign visitors. We can say that the positive contribution of the fair will continue in the coming months. This year, we addressed a wider region than ever before, with our growing region and team as Biesse Turkey and the Middle East. We hosted our visitors and business partners, accompanied by our team of approximately 60 people from both Turkey, the Middle East and Italy. The interest in our stand was very intense. Accompanied by our expert teams, we had the opportunity to show our visitors how an automated factory can be created in communication with each other thanks to our customizable, optimized, fast, integrated technologies and software solutions. This year, we also hosted our guests in our showroom located on our Istanbul Maltepe Campus simultaneously with the fair. We had the chance to show our visitors 18 different Biesse technologies in our showroom thanks to free special shuttles from the fairground every day. We concluded the Tuyap WoodTech Fair once again by signing new investments and new business partnerships. As we approach the end of 2022, it is a great source of motivation for us to be able to close the year by exceeding our targets thanks to our performance at the fair. I would like to take this opportunity to thank once again to all our business partners who prefer, support and trust Biesse. Finally, I would like to express my appreciation and thanks to all our team, who make their difference in the sector with their equipment, knowledge and way of doing business. As Biesse, I invite our valuable business partners and visitors who want to experience and explore our technologies closely to our campuses in Istanbul and Dubai.

“The intensity and interest in the fair made us, the participants, very satisfied”

Fimaksan Accounting Manager Zeynep Fidan

This year, WoodTech Fair received a significant number of visitors as we got rid of the effects of the pandemic. Therefore, this intensity and interest greatly pleased us, the participants. As Fimaksan, I can say that we made serious negotiations and agreements during and after the fair. It was my first exhibition experience that I attended on behalf of our company and I was really proud to hear the feedback we received about our machines in that atmosphere face to face. I think that such fairs play a very important role in the growth of companies. I can say that this year’s fair also added intensity to our intensity.

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