İsmet Toktaş, President of the Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers Association (AIMSAD), was elected as a member of the board of directors at the General Assembly of the European Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers Federation (EUMABOIS), the umbrella organization of European woodworking machinery manufacturers.

İsmet Toktaş, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers Association (AIMSAD), was elected to the board of directors at the general assembly of the European Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers Federation (EUMABOIS), which operates in the woodworking machinery sector in Europe and includes 13 country associations, in Poland.

Making an assessment on the subject, AIMSAD Chairman of the Board İsmet Toktaş; “As AIMSAD, we attach great importance to the right of representation. Accordingly, it is very valuable for us to represent the Turkish woodworking machinery industry at EUMABOIS. In this 3-year period, in which we will be representing Turkey, we will consider new issues such as EU projects, standards, participation in technical committees, in addition to the current activities. In addition, we will bring all suggestions from both our board of directors and members to the agenda of EUMABOIS. We are delighted to be together with world-class representatives of our industry and to have a say in the creation of common European ideas around the world. The European woodworking machinery industry sets trends worldwide, and this leading position is secured and expanded with the support of EUMABOIS. As it is known, AIMSAD has been a member of EUMABOIS for many years. In this context, I would like to thank AIMSAD Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Mustafa Sabri Erol, who has successfully represented both our association and my sector at EUMABOIS, of which we have been a member since 2014, for his work and efforts.

Great opportunıty for new export markets

Pointing out that being in EUMABOIS will bring significant advantages to the Turkish woodworking machinery industry, İsmet Toktaş said; “EUMABOIS is the right address for us to convey the problems such as customs and standardization that we are experiencing related to our industry directly to the relevant places and to contribute to the growth of our industry. Our relations with other country associations under the umbrella of EUMABOIS are getting stronger day by day. Thanks to these strengthening relations, there will be important collaborations in terms of opening our manufacturers to new markets and establishing solution partnerships with companies that are members of these associations abroad.