Algeria, which is the largest country in Africa in terms of surface area, is among the critical target markets of Turkey’s furniture and woodworking machinery exports. According to the preliminary data of the CSIL Furniture Sector Report; In 2021, Turkey became the second country where Algeria imported the most furniture after China.

Algeria, which is the largest country in Africa in terms of area, is the tenth country in the world and the largest country in the Arab world and the African Union. It is also the eighth most populous country in Africa with a population of 44 million. Surrounded by Tunisia in the northeast, Libya in the east, Niger in the southeast, Mauritania and Mali in the southwest, Morocco and Western Sahara in the west, Algeria is one of the richest countries in the African continent. In Algeria, which is governed by a semi-presidential system, the president, who is at the head of the state administration, is elected for a five-year term. The President has broad powers such as appointing the prime minister and government, chairing the council of ministers, and issuing decrees. In the country, which is administratively divided into 48 provinces, the members of the national assembly, which has 462 members, are also determined by elections held every five years.

Among the most important oil and natural gas producers in the world

Algeria, whose economy is largely based on hydrocarbons, is among the most important oil and natural gas producers in the world. In Algeria, 30 percent of the national income, 65 percent of the budget revenues and almost all of the export revenues are obtained from oil and natural gas. Ranking third in the world in terms of natural gas reserves, 10th in terms of natural gas reserves and 16th in terms of oil reserves, Algeria also ranks sixth in the list of countries that export the most gas in the world. The country also has deposits of iron, zinc, gold, phosphate, mercury, lead, coal and uranium. Algeria, which greatly reduced its foreign debt and strengthened its economy with the increase in oil prices in the early 2000s, used the revenues it obtained for new investment areas and infrastructure services in the country.

Agricultural products cannot be converted into export products.

Although the country keeps its economy afloat due to its rich oil and natural gas production, there are also efforts to diversify the country’s economy. With its fertile lands in the coastal areas, Algeria is very suitable for agriculture and ranks first in the world in terms of products such as broad beans, figs, olives, olive oil, dates and apricots. However, these products are generally consumed within the country and cannot be converted into export products.

Furniture production of 364 million dollars

According to the preliminary data of the CSIL Furniture Sector Report prepared by the Center for Industrial Studies (CSIL); Algeria ranked 65th in furniture production, 97th in exports, 64th in imports and 56th in domestic sales among the 100 countries subject to the report. Algeria, which produced 364 million dollars of furniture in 2021, realized imports of 187 million dollars and domestic sales of 551 million dollars. The report did not include figures on furniture exports by Algeria from 2012 to 2021. According to the data in the CSIL Furniture Industry Report; The country, which imported 230 million dollars in 2012, made furniture imports of 245 million dollars in 2013, 310 million dollars in 2014, 301 million dollars in 2015, 289 million dollars in 2016, 267 million dollars in 2017, 251 million dollars in 2018, 242 million dollars in 2019 and 170 million dollars in 2020.

The most important export market is the United Arab Emirates

The most important export market of Algeria, which is expected to grow by three percent in 2022 and by two percent in 2023, is the United Arab Emirates. Algeria realized 55.3% of its furniture exports in 2021 to the United Arab Emirates. After the United Arab Emirates, Algeria realized the highest furniture export to Libya with 14.8 percent. Libya is followed by Senegal with 9.4 percent, Canada with 7.3 percent, Mauritania with 6.2 percent, Tunisia with 2.3 percent, France with 1.6 percent and Ivory Coast with 1.1 percent.

China took the first place in furniture imports, and Turkey took the second place

Considering the import data in the report; It is seen that Algeria imports the most from China with 38.4 percent. After China, the country with the highest import was Turkey with 15.5 percent. The ranking of other countries that Algeria imports from was as follows; Italy with 9.5 percent, Spain with 7.2 percent, Malaysia with 6.3 percent, France with 4.8 percent, Portugal with 2.9 percent, Morocco with 2.8 percent, Germany with 2.7 percent, and Netherlands with 1.3 percent.

A total of 15 million 221 thousand dollars import of machinery in 2021

When the data of Algeria’s woodworking machinery imports are analyzed, it is seen that the country imported a total of 15 million 221 thousand dollars in machinery in 2021. Algeria imported 20 million 367 thousand dollars of woodworking machinery in 2020 and 22 million 932 thousand dollars in 2019. Algeria imported the machines in the group of others the most from the whole world with 5 million 825 thousand dollars in 2021. After the machines in the Others group, it imported sawing machines with a maximum of 3 million 082 thousand dollars, bending or joining machines with 2 million 612 thousand dollars, and planing, milling or cutting molding machines with 1 million 133 thousand dollars.

Machinery exports of approximately 4 million dollars were made from Turkey to Algeria

In 2021, Turkey’s total woodworking machinery exports to Algeria amounted to 3 million 968 thousand dollars. Turkey exported 4 million 797 thousand dollars of machinery to Algeria in 2020 and 6 million 803 thousand dollars in 2019. In 2021, Turkey exported machinery, which is in the group of others, to Algeria with 1 million 456 thousand dollars. This was followed in order by sawing machines, planing, milling or cut-to-molding machines, bending or joining machines, drilling or tenoning machines.

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