As of 2020, AİMSAD has published the first reports of the sector containing data such as production, export-import, foreign trade and domestic sales. Accordingly, the sector increased its production by 33.76 percent in January 2020 compared to January 2019.

AIMSAD prepared a report on the woodworking machinery sector. The report, which will be prepared as of January 2020 and will be renewed regularly every month, will enlighten the sector representatives by taking current data about the sector.

Considering the production data compiled in line with the information received from AİMSAD members, while the production of the sector was 14 million 707 thousand 591 dollars in January 2019, it reached an increase of 33.76 percent in January 2020, by reaching 19 million 672 thousand 453 dollars. Exports, which were 6 million 618 thousand 416 dollars in January 2019,  increased 27.81 percent by reaching 8 million 459 thousand 155 dollars in January 2020. In the same period, imports increased by 50.05 percent from 2 million 995 thousand 759 dollars to 4 million 495 thousand 245 dollars. Domestic sales, on the other hand, increased by 41.71 percent, by increasing from 11 million 84 thousand 934 dollars to 15 million 708 thousand 543 dollars in the same period. The ratio of exports to imports fell from 221 percent to 188 percent. While the foreign trade balance was 3 million 622 thousand 657 dollars in January 2019, it was 3 million 963 thousand 91 dollars in January 2020. In January 2020, the most exported countries were respectively Iraq, Russia, Belarus, Algeria, Poland, the United Arab Emirates, India, Romania, Kosovo, and Egypt, while the most imported countries were respectively Italy, China, Germany, Taiwan, Russia, India, South Korea, Spain, Romania, and Poland.

While products in the other woodworking machinery group with the number of 846599 GTIP are exported to Russia, which is one of the leading countries of export, numbered 846596 GTIP products in the group of machines for splitting, slitting or peeling into leaves were imported from Italy, which is one of the most imported countries.