The woodworking machinery industry, which closed 2022 with an export of 160 million dollars and set an export target of 200 million dollars in 2023, continues its steady growth. Making an assessment about the stable growth of the sector, AIMSAD Chairman İsmet Toktaş stated as follows; “Our sector exports to 40 countries. In 2023, we want to add at least 10 more countries to this figure. The USA, Germany and Italy are our top three target markets”.

The woodworking machinery industry, which exports over 1 million dollars to 40 countries and whose economic volume has reached 500 million dollars, declared 2023 the year of growth in exports. The umbrella NGO of the sector, the Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers Association (AIMSAD), has announced its targets for 2023. İsmet Toktaş, Chairman of AIMSAD, said that they want to increase the number of countries they export to 50 with the new year.


Stating that the industry currently exports over 1 million dollars to 40 countries, İsmet Toktaş said, “As the Turkish woodworking machinery industry, we want to achieve 200 million dollars in exports in 2023. In this context, the USA, Germany and Italy will be our primary target markets this year. The economic volume of our industry is around 500 million dollars. Our unit value in exports is around 10 dollars per kilogram. As an association, we attend an average of seven to eight fairs a year. A large part of these fairs are fairs organized abroad. As AIMSAD, we participate in some of these fairs individually, and in some of them jointly with our members, and we promote both our industry, our association and our companies. As of 2023, we will organize Turkish Woodworking Machinery Fairs abroad in cooperation with TÜYAP. The first of this fair organization, named ALL4WOOD, will be held in Serbia between 8-11 March 2023. The importance of the fairs in opening up to new markets and increasing the export potential of our manufacturers is very great.

Underlining that they have no doubts that 2023 will be full of success as in previous years, İsmet Toktaş continued his statements as follows; “Of course, we, as AIMSAD, the umbrella organization of our industry, left behind a year in which we worked hard and produced a lot in order for these successes to be permanent and for the industry to maintain this successful stability. As the unifying power of the industry, we are aware of our responsibility. With this awareness of responsibility, we will continue to produce and work in the new year, and to work with all our strength to ensure that our sector stakeholders have an even more profitable year, and to implement new projects and studies.’’