With the support of AIMSAD, representatives of the Turkish woodworking machinery industry, members of AIMSAD, are getting ready to show their strength at the All4Wood – International Forest Products, MDF, Particle Board, Parquet, Furniture Sub-Industry and Accessories, Woodworking Machinery and Accessories, Cutting Tools Fair which will be organized by TÜYAP between 17-22 May 2022 in Kiev.

All4Wood–International Forest Products, MDF, Particleboard, Parquet, Furniture Sub-Industry and Accessories, Woodworking Machinery and Cutting Tools Fair will be held by TÜYAP for the first time between 17-22 May 2022 in Kiev, Ukraine. One hall of the fair, which will be held with the support of AIMSAD, has already been closed by AIMSAD member companies.

Being aware of the fact that international fairs are very critical organizations in order to increase export figures even more, AIMSAD decided to increase its efforts in this direction in 2022. All4Wood Fair, supported by AIMSAD, which plans to participate in fairs to be held in many different countries of the world in 2022 with its member companies, has a special place among them. AIMSAD and its member companies are preparing to make a show of strength at the fair to be held in May.


The companies, which will have the opportunity to introduce Turkish woodworking machines to the purchasing committees coming from Ukraine, Belarus, Romania, Poland, Latvia and Lithuania, will introduce the products and services of the Turkish woodworking industry produced with the latest technology to new geographies. In addition, TÜYAP will offer B2B opportunities with furniture manufacturers in Ukraine within the scope of the agreement signed with the Ukrainian Furniture Manufacturers Association.

At All4Wood Fair, AES CNC, BSA, As Metal, Timsan, Adaçam Machinary, Orent, Ergilsan, Aygen, Serhat Machinary, Isımek Machinary , Dinçmak Machinary, UVTek, Bala Machinary, Akemsan, EDDA, Form Machinary, Akkuşlar Machinary, Üstünkarlı Machinary , Canmaksan, Servis Him Machinary, Misirli Group, ABM, Airpak, Maymak Machinary, Ayza Mızrak, Vermak Machinary, OEMAK, Ünalsan, Ünimak, Schnitzer, Leuco, Nesto Machinary, Dates, Testa, Doligno-SCM companies will open stands.