VFS 1500 D – Foil Slitting Machine with Friction Shaft and Circular Blades (Double Motor Driven)

Cutting & crushing system with circular upper and lower rotary blades and friction shafts which is provide much more precise cutting. it is a perfect solution lor slice papers, folio IPVC, PP, PE, PUi, sandwich foils, laminates, some textiles, metal foil and edge materials.

  • Automatic winding brake force air control, contactless and depending on diameter.
  • Continuous network speed, independent of the diameter.
  • The minimum setup times, a fast-change blade system
  • Two winder shaft and alsa available as friction winding shaft.
  • Heavy steel frame in robust design.
  • High drive force for very tight winding.
  • Deionization is available.

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  • Category : Foil Splitting Machines