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UVtek Automatic Spraying Machine is designed for filler, paint and varnish application on wood and pvc panels with 3D surfaces such as door panels, cabinet panels, modular furniture sections, on all 3D surfaces suitable for spray coating.


  • Category : Coating and Polishing Machines
  • Spray Shooting System:
  • Consists of servo controlled 2 pieces swing arm systems which is fully controlled through computer. Wagner brand spray guns are used which is the most preferred brand in the industry.
  • Each arm has the infrasturucture to connect 2, 4 or 6 spray guns and in total 12 spray guns and 3 different paint pumps are able to be connected. According to paint and thickness of the panel to be painted, spray guns’ shooting angles and height will be adjusted easily. It can make accurate shooting only to material with the scanner bar used in shooting system. With this feature, regardless of alcove, thickness and shape of the parts, all kind of surfaces will be painted smoothly and expediently.
  • Dust Cleaning Unit With Antistatic Bar & Brush:
  • Helps to remove the static effect, which occurs as a result of cleaning and grinding / brush friction the top surface of flat panels those coated and filling sand made. In this way, it is prevented the coated products to magnetize the dusts and small particules. This proccess is crucial particularly for glossy top coat applications
  • Technical Features Of Conveyor Band Cleaning System:
  • Cleaning unit of the machine is able to clean the conveyor band perfectly and seamlessly with its unique design, and cleaning unit’s maintenance and settings can be done in a very easy way
  • First drum ; Chrome plated and rotating opposite to band rotating direction, scrapes the paint of the band and pushing with the help of pneumatic cylinders and fills to recovery tank. With a cleaning blade, again chrome plated, helps to drying.
  • Second drum ; helps to dissolves and scraped the paint from the band with the thinner feeding and provides band to be ready for operating again completely cleaned and dryed.
  • Thinner circulation tanks are made of stainless steel.
  • Short and practically maintenance is provided by taking out all the cleaning system from machine completely with the help of wheels. Front and side covers help to reach all moving parts of the machine easily and practically.
  • Automation and Setting Parameters:
  • Spray parameters will be changed completely over PLC and a very easy way. All datas and parameters on the machine will be easily reached and changed with the help of 10-colour touch screen and touch panel. If desired, the daily operating information and the business total can be print out.
  • With the help of flexible software in the control panel ;
  • 1. The sizes of the frequently studied parts will be taken to machine memory and when recalled from memory it provides the machine makes its own settings automatically.
  • 2. Allows to change color and size in a short time.
  • 3. Errors and setting disorders and time wasting arising from user will be prevented.
  • 4. Allows to change the parameters more easily and short time with the help of machine visual.
  • Filter and Cleaning System:
  • Clean and dust-free environment, that is especially required for the glossy paint shootings will be provided with the help of filter system in the machine.
  • Top Air Feeding System:
  • With the help of the fans in the machine and the filter group inside the cabin, continuously fresh air feeding is provided inside to shooting room from above. 8500m3/hour capacity and E5 quality air is transferred. With the help of frequency inverter pressed air amount will be adjusted preciously on the control panel.
  • Bottom Air Suction System:
  • Contaminated air is taken out of the system through the channels positioned to left and right edges of the machine with the help of suction fan.
  • Besides all these features, the machine has a heavy mass and a rigit structure that contributes to create a vibration-free operation and excellent surfaces
  • Dual Action Arm Automatic Spray Coating Machine Technical Specifications:
  • Total Length : 3850 mm
  • Total Width : 2300 mm Cabin (5000 mm with the suction fan)
  • Total Height : 2700 mm
  • Total Installed Power : 18 kW
  • Freshed Air Into The Cabin : 8500 mc/h
  • Minimum Length Of The Material To Be Coated : 280 mm
  • Band Width : 1650 mm (Maximum material width 1300 mm)
  • Determination Of The Part Dimensions : 20 mm definition with photocell
  • Conveyor Speed : 1-6 m/min (inverter adjustable)
  • Conveyor Band Motor Power : 0,75 kW
  • Band Cleaning System Motor Power : 0,75 kW
  • Painting Spray Guns (Moving) Motor Power : 4 kW servo motor
  • Max Spray Gun Speed : 120 m/min
  • Fresh Air Feeding Fan Power : 3,5 kW
  • Air Suction Fan Power : 5,5 kW
  • Suction Fan Capacity : 12000 mc/h
  • Clean dual drum system for band cleaning and paint recycle