UTA-Z Log Carriages
  • Hydraulic feeding speed up to 85 m/min with steel rope drive system. Hydrostatic feeding system with the speeds with up to 120, 160, 200 m/min (Option)
  • Speed of head blocks is up to 200 mm/sec. provided by AC driven(up to 320, 500 mm/sec. Option)
  • two sets of joysticks with six button each to control head blocks, hooks and turning arms and 1 set of hydraulic pedal for carriage forward backward movement (Option)



  • Category : Log Processing Machines
  • Comfortable, easy to use, operator friendly remote control
  • Manufactured from 200 mm I-beams. Heavy and strong mainframe
  • Independent horizontal hooks movement for easier positioning of logs
  • Fixed fence-horizontol movable hooks. The distance between fence and hooks can be adjusted to desired position min: 35 mm- max: 145 mm