Net Working Area 1400x2800x250 mm
Chassis Type Iron Profile Chassis
Spindle RPM 24000
Spindle Motor Hsd/Hiteco   9-12Kw
Servo Motion Motors Siemens/Mitsubishi
Servo Drivers Siemens / Mitsubishi
Gearboxes Servo Gearbox VVİthoutSpace
X and Y Axis Mechanical Parts Linear Rail, HelicaIRackGear
X and Y Axis Mechanical Parts Linear Guide, BalI Screvv
Z Axis Mechanical Parts Siemens/Mitsubishi
CNC Control System 4 Area Control VVİth Vacuum (Aluminum Table)
Table Type 100 cubicmeter
Vacuum Pump 0,01 mm
Programme Sensitivity lndustrialTypeBox
Panel DIN 69893 Norm ER32/ER40
Tool Holder Type HSKF63
Tool Holder Cone Standard Iso G Code
Working Code System Electronic Sensors, EMG, Mechanic
Safety System CE Norms
Automatic Tool Changer 10 Pieces
Radio Remote Control System Automatic Central Lubrication
Lubricatİon System Standard 5 Pieces
Automatic Tool Reset Standard
Automatic Sweeping and Plate Transfer Optional
Safety Impact Sensor Optional
Automatic Tool Reset Optional
Tool Holder Dust Protection System Optional
Automatic Tool Changer Optional
Pneumatic Vacuum Zone Control Optional


  • Category : Machining Center
  • Type : Nesting
  • Axis : 3-4
  • Workpiece Widths (mm) : 1400
  • Workpiece Lengths (mm) : 2800
  • Control Panel (Fanuc/Siemens)
  • Tool Magazine 14 pieces
  • Automatic Tool Reset
  • Hand Wheel
  • Safety Impact Sensor
  • Automatic Sweeping and Plate Transfering