Leitz Solid tungsten carbide hinge boring bit Z 3 / V 3
Significantly fewer quality problems and faster machining due to more cutting edges

A typical “bottleneck” in furniture production is the drilling of panel materials. Above all, the drilling of the hinge holes at the edge of the panel can be a problem for many manufacturers when the quality of the drilled hole deteriorates rapidly after a short time due to tool wear. The solution is the Leitz solid tungsten carbide hinge boring bit with three cutting edges. This tool not only drills faster but also better. The resulting consequences are fewer rejects and the reduction of manual rework on the workpiece.

Fewer tear-outs even with demanding decors and finishes

Tear-free hole edges due to newly developed spur geometry
Better edge quality for break-out bores by increasing the number of teeth from Z 2 to Z 3
Reduced tendency to recut during return stroke, even on machines with low spindle rigidity

Significantly increased boring speed and improved tool life

Increased productivity through fewer tool changes and higher feed
Higher cutting speeds due to improved tungsten carbide grade (optimized for boring)
Faster boring possible by increasing the number of cutting edges from Z 2 to Z 3

Minimized reworking and significantly fewer reject

No reworking thanks to improved quality of the bore
Reduced downtime
Wider range of application in different materials and decor types without changing the boring bit

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  • Category : Drilling Tools
  • High bore quality
  • Long tool life
  • Less rework
  • Process security
  • Design in right and left hand rotation
  • Optimized spurs for better bore quality
  • Can be resharpened many times
  • Diameter 18–35 mm
  • Suitable for all conventional boring systems and boring gears
  • Suitable for all panel materials and conventional decors
  • Available from stock
  • Solid tungsten carbide cutting edges