• The cleaning system works with a mechanical vibration motor.
  • The system has a pressure room that prolongs the filter life.
  • The cleaned air is discharged with a fresh air outlet with diameter of 500 mm on the unit.
  • If more than one fan is connected to the system, a clack that can be opened and closed automatically is placed in front of all fans.
  • In this way, the passage of dust coming from the non-working fan is prevented.
  • It is manufactured from special bended sheet metal.
  • In the sheet metal joints, liquid gaskets resistant to water and outdoor effects are used.
  • Double-sided flexible ring filter is used in the units, which can be easily changed.
  • Units are painted with two colors electrostatic powder paint.
Product Code SF-318
Filtration Capacity 30.000 m3/h
Unit Sizes 2030x4960x3600 mm
Unloading Type 12 Pcs Q600 PVC Bag
Unloading Capacity 3,36 m3
Vibration Motor 0.16 kw 1400 RPM
Vibration Motor Quantity 1 Pc
Filter Quantity 192 Pcs
Filter Sizes Q160x1780 mm
Filter Surface Area 171,7 m2
Filter Permeability 0,5micron


  • Category : Dust Collector, Ventilation and Filter Systems