Edgebanding machining centres from the Rover B Edge range allow users to carry out machining operations to shape and edgeband panels on a single machine.The wide range of sizes, availability of working units and technologies, means that the Rover B Edge is ideal for medium to large as well as prototype production environments.
Edgebanding has always been based on applying glue directly to the panel; Biesse has followed this principle and applied it to straight edgebanding as well as shaped edgebanding performed by machining centres. Maximum bonding, possibility of applying thin edges and 3D transparent edges, easy maintenance and panel cleaning during the machining cycle. A perfect combination of Biesse technology and Italian genius.
Similar to straight line edgebanding machines, the glue is applied directly onto the panel in order to ensure optimal adhesion quality. It supports the use of thin or transparent (3D) edges, as well as thicker and sturdier edges.

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