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which is cnc controlled, colored touch screen and with its innovative, has ergonomic structure and the fastest, shortest and easy to be used system and design is patented to HAKİ SABIR is designed for PVC, foil, lining melamine and abs applications thickness of which is from 0.4 mm up to 3mm for , factories with its highest quality

  • Systems that are used over years are patented to HAKİ SABIR
  • Double pallet system covered with rubber for gripping narrow and big part
  • Height adjustment and centering is carried out with automatic lifting system
  • Pre Milling Unit(Jumping)
  • Cnc controlled colored touch screen and touch screen setting application.
  • Pur Glue Jet Patented to Haki SABIR Pre-Melting System Anything to Anything Glue
  • Rapid Hot Air Technology (optional)
  • Step Motor Pvc Driver
  • Thin-thick pvc automatic pass
  • Automatic pricing, item counting and measurement of quantities
  • Thin-thick pvc automatic pass
  • Side press that does not apply pressure to patented front and rear overplus
  • Fast and easy setting and installation.
  • Patented manufacture system, stabilized hard monobloc structure and high product quality..
  • Patented cutting systems, minimized nonvibration operation
  • Wide pallet, interlaced chain.
  • Nonproblematic equipment, machinery safety systems, 2 years warranty.


  • Category : Door Processing Machine