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Palette fixant au milieu
It is the part which centers the pallet to the line
Conveyor system : Plastic band
Fixing to middle arm movement : Pneumatic piston
Motor power : 0,75 Kw

Corner cutting machine
Section to cutting the four corners of the pallet according to the required standards.
Diameter of saw : 250mm
Saw movement : Pneumatic piston
Saw motor power : 3 Kw (4 pc.)

Branding Machine
Section to branding 6 blocks of the pallet et the same time.
Brand heating system : Electrical resistance
Brand press system : Pneumatic
Brand cachet : Chrome or bronze

Pallets boards Chamfering machine
Section to milling inlet & outlet edges of the bottom boards as 45 c
6 special piece chamfering blade
6 pieces motor power 2,2 KW motor

Automatic stacker for pallets
Section to stacking the pallets as successively or telescopic
Pallet turning motor : Pneumatic
Pallet loop motor : Pneumatic
Stacker system : 2,2 kw
Maximum stacker : 40 pieces


  • Category : Nailing, Screwing and Punching Machines
  • Pallet Fixing To Middle
  • Corner cutting machine
  • Brander Machine
  • Pallet boards chamfering machine
  • Automatic stacker for pallets