Modular Bag Filtering Systems


Dust particles which are generated from furniture, chipboard, sawmill, timber shearing, wood processing factories are absorbed and extracted from the plant ambient by the virtue of modular bag filter systems. Ambient air is cleaned by modular bag filter and given back to the factory, so as not to cause negative pressure and high heat loss inside the factory.Fan is located behind filter bags and extraction/suction is carried out by forming vacuum inside the pipes.

Benefits of the system

  • Fans are not contacting with sawdust   or chips in modular bag filter systems. Therefore, they have longer usage term and do not occur balancing problems.
  • When the machine is not working, the valve which is connected to the line turns off and changes the pressure value in the line. Fans are operating according to pressure line and reduce energy loss by turning off or lowering their selves.
  • Fully automatic system adjusts itself according to requirement of system usage, consumes as much energy as necessary and filter bags clean themselves.
  • Modular bag systems are efficient, long lasting and cost effective.
  • Provides  healthy and comfortable working environment.
  • Thanks to PLC control, instantaneous pollution measurements and cleaning processes are carried out spontaneously.


  • Category : Dust Collector, Ventilation and Filter Systems