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Special and user friendly software developed by Modprocess,·
More than 30 box models standard, additional models optional ·
Rotation of box cutting direction to minimize the cardboard usage,·
Identical production for large size boxes,·
Special design for triplex box models,·
Production of boxes with top and bottom cover for models that requires more cardboard width,·
Selecting the model from the scrolling registered box list,·
Displaying the gross and net surface area of a box,·
Unlimited recording of boxes with different types and sizes,·
Creating work lists for production planning,·
Produced box counter,
Various language menu options,

Drive system

Servo motor drive system·
Trigger belt pulley system·
Polyurethane and rubber coated drums·
Head positioning in less than 12 seconds Units·
De-stressed and solid aluminium body·
High positioning and processing speed as a result of precise bedding·
Specially designed cutter units that perfectly cut all kinds of cardboard independent of their quality,

Machine Body

Compact machine body that requires little space thanks to its special design,
Touch screen computer positioned on the body for easy maintenance and safe operation,

Control Unit

13.6 inch TFT LCD touch screen,
Windows10 operating system ,
Ready for Industry 4.0, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for communication, ethernet port,
128GB SATA harddisk, 4x usb port,
HDMI output,

Cardboard Feeding System

Working up to 2200 mm width,·
Single plate feeding: Standard,
External foot pedal control,·
Corrugated board thickness: 2-8 mm for fanfold – 2-8 mm for sheet, one by one
Corrugated cardboard width: between 220-2200 mm
Minimum cardboard length: 310 mm
Box production capacity: 6-10 boxes / minute (depending on box type and size)

Cross unit

Creasing * 1pc
Cut disc blade * 1pc
Servo control system
Special toothed cutting disc for precise cutting

Longitudinal unit

6 group (7 options)
Creasing unit * 6 pcs (7. option)
Cut disc blade * 6 pcs (7. option)
Servo control system
Special toothed cutting disc for precise cutting


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