Lanza P3 Panel Sizing Machine

Lanza P3 Panel Sizing Machine rapidly prepares the cutting plan by minimizing waste calculations and guides the operator with its optimization and manual cutting options with the capacity of 3-plate (maximum 65 mm) cutting height.

Our machine is equipped with the main control system TPA Brand CNC system. All axis motors are servo motors and OMRON brand. The operator software used on our machine was developed by the Italian brand TPA. It is powered by ARDIS optimization software, which is considered the best in the wood industry in the world, with its operation order, listing, manual and automatic cutting options. It contains available 40 lines, 400 pieces. It has management features with extra features.

It is supported with 3 tabled (1 stable, 2 movable), 8 pneumatic feeders and with the systems that automatically read the plate height.

Besides Turkish, the program offers other language options. (English, French, German, Spanish, Greek, Arabic) Remote access is available via Internet. Optimization program and barcode machine is provided as a standard.

Electrical Lever 400V-50Hz
Total Electric Power 11 kW
Nominal Current 40 A
Air Pressure 6 Bar
Cutting Width 4300 mm
Feeder Table Lenght 4400 mm
Cutting Depth 65 mm
Cutter Gruop Forward-Backward 2-65 m/min
Rear Fence Forward-Backward 50 m/min
Cutting 7,5 kW/10 HP
Çizici 2,2 kW/3 HP
Cutting 4400 rpm
Cutting 320×4.4/3.2×65 Z72
Scoring 180×4.4/3.5×65 Z36
Dust Out-Feed 100 mm (x2)
Machine Dimensions 6565x7670x2000 mm
Machine Workspace 51 m2 (7.67×6.56)
Cradles Servo Motor 1.5 kW
Pusher Servo Motor 1.5 kW
Machine Weight 4950 kg


  • Category : Panel Beam Saw Machine
  • Types : Front Loading, Back Loading
  • Panel Capacity (mm) : 80
  • Cutting Lengths (mm) : 4300