Intelpack 6 model ; It is a basic level cardboard box production machine that has 1 cutting and crushing head on the X axis, 6 on the Y axis and can produce boxes one by one. It is designed with the aim of completely ease of use and fast box manufacturing.

Cardboard box cutting machine allows you to create cardboard boxes according to your needs by processing endless corrugated cardboard (Z Cardboard) with minimum waste and maximum efficiency.

Using the cardboard-box cutting machine you will exactly produce the packaging that you need – in optimal shape, with high volume utilization degree, and with minimum unit cost.

Performance and quality are raised when compared to manual packaging.

Process costs in the packaging area reduced by up to 30%.

Box Production Management Software

The box production management software was developed special for Intelpack 6
45 different box types prepared specially
Fast and practical design opportunity for non-standard box needs.
Unlimited box size archive
Is a system that fully meets the user needs.

The Box production management program offered with the Intelpack 6 model is a system that fully meets the user needs.

It provides a perfect production opportunity, thanks to the registered templates that it contains and which complies with the world box standards (FEFCO). It makes Intelpack6 a preferred choice with its fast size transitions and ease of calculation.

It provides sufficient flexibility in your non-standard box needs. For this reason, Intelpack 6 eliminates all the needs for your business.

Saving an unlimited number of different box sizes and accessing the software remotely online maximizes production efficiency.


  • Category : Packaging and Wrapping Machines
  • Medium to big sized enterprises.
  • Medium-high productivity requirements.
  • More than 5 boxes per minute.
  • For production in batches or in high flexibility.