HOLZ-HER Zentrex 6215 Power

The ZENTREX 6215 horizontal panel saw demonstrates the highly stable machine construction you expect from HOLZ-HER. Unique on the market: The high quality linear guide technology installed on all axes. Infinite keyway and saw blade protrusion up to 115 mm and fixed main motor with power up to 21 kW qualify this machine to take its place in industrial production as well as craft shops. The large, 180 mm prescoring saw with drive power of 2.2 kW as well as the electrical fine adjustment including tool position memory satisfy all desires. The entire sawing unit can also be equipped with speed control for further applications. The absolute highlight on the ZENTREX 6215 is the newly developed 2-stage evacuation management system. Cutting-plan-controlled evacuation flaps in the pressure beam, which open or close depending on the length of the cut, increase the evacuation capacity at the saw blade, ensuring a clean machine table. With scratch cuts, a controlled, moving evacuation hood behind the saw blade catches chips and dust flying away to the rear during the cutting operation. This also ensures a clean support surface for scratch cuts. For panel sizes, whose length is difficult to differentiate from its width in spite of 3D simulation, the ZENTREX 6215 now offers a laser positioning system with accuracy down to the millimeter. The great advantage: Remeasuring panels or incorrect positioning in the machine is a thing of the past. And the program-controlled, double lateral pressure system is also a standard feature on the ZENTREX 6215.


  • Category : Panel Beam Saw Machine
  • Types : Front Loading
  • Panel Capacity (mm) : 110
  • Cutting Lengths (mm) : 4300
  • Saw Blade Protrusion - 115 mm
  • Main Sawing Unit - 15 kW , 18 kW , 21 kW
  • Saw Blade - 400 mm
  • Scoring Unit - 2,2 kW
  • Saw Blade - 180 mm
  • Postforming Unit - Option
  • Grooving Unit - Electrical Positioning
  • Sawing Carriage Feed - 1 - 130 m/min.
  • Angle Presser - Twin Press ( 2 rollers )