HOLZ-HER Lumina 1598 Industry

In addition to optimized adaptation of panel and edging decor, the quality of the edging plays an extremely important role for furniture construction and interior fittings. It is necessary for the edging to hold permanently, without a visible joint – the renowned “invisible joint”. In addition to our LTRONIC and Glu Jet systems, our LUMINA industry offers everything that a professional edgebander needs. Up to 30 NC servo-axes for maximum automation of all machining units with exact repetition at the touch of a button. Even the pressure and glue quantity settings can be made fully automatically and adapted to the specific requirement. The HOLZ-HER LUMINA industry edgebanders with LTRONIC laser edging unit set the highest professional standards for edgebanding, without compromise. The LUMINA industry series stands for complete processing of modern edging and panel materials with invisible joints. Program selection allows the machine to be set up without even opening the hood, so that it is ready for production immediately. Top belt pressure with feed rate of 25 m/min are just what’s needed for an intelligent handling system. The LUMINA industry series is your guarantee for absolute quality, flexibility and productivity.


  • Category : Edge Banding Machines
  • Types : Single Sided
  • Feed Speed : 25 m/min = max. 1000 running meters
  • Edge Thicknesses : Max. 22 mm
  • Glueing System : Hotmelt, PoliUretan (PU)
  • Feed Speed - 10 - 25 m/min.
  • Continuous multi profile technology
  • Glu Jet with iTronic ( EVA and PUR-2K )
  • LTRONIC laser unit