Leitz HeliCut-System
Universally applicable, perfect results

For many types of processing in wood and plastic, not only the quality but also the machining direction and the chip removal often play an important role. Conventional tools offer the basic conditions, but are not always very user-friendly and rarely achieve the desired machining results. The universally applicable HeliCut-System is the perfect tool solution for different materials. This opens significantly more advantages in terms of quality, efficiency and sustainability.

Quality & Flexibility
Perfect edges and surfaces in different materials

Tear-free cutting results when cutting with and against feed due to optimized cutting angles
Excellent results in all materials thanks to adaptation of the cutting tool qualities

Less rework, maximum user-friendliness

No rework required due to extra sharp cutting edges
Quick and easy knife change thanks to uniform, wedge free knife clamping

Long-lasting and low noise

Fourfold tool life due to the use of our turnblade tungsten carbide knives
Significant noise reduction thanks to round tool body design
Gentle on the machine due to aluminium tool body and high balancing quality

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  • Category : Milling Tools
  • Tear-free machining results
  • Quick and easy knife change
  • Long tool life
  • Individual tool design
  • Three cutting edge qualities
  • Diameter 30 - 450 mm
  • For table milling machines, through-feed machines, CNC-machining centres and joinery machines
  • For processing solid wood, wood derived materials, plastics and foams
  • Standard sizes: ex stock, Special sizes: available at short notice
  • Cutting material HW or TDC