H.P.M. 350 Prism Machine


The steel structure of the machine body is. Saw diameter : 550 mm. There are 10 electric motors and 1 hydraulic motors on the machine. 4 cutters or 8 saws can be operated on the machine. In the saw-exit area on the machine, the rollers located on the machine perform printing and pulling until they leave the inished machine. Material measurement chart is digital measurement. Only one operator controls the Prism machine. After setting the log on the Input Conveyor, the trim is adjusted for cutting.

For cutting The operator enters the measuring screen and the measurement between 2 saws is automatically adjusted. After the log is cut from the machine, it goes to the exit conveyor. Goes to wood Multi Slicing Machine. The lid products fall in the right and left direction on the exit conveyor.



Length – Width – Height: 1,900 – 240 – 225 cm

Approximate Weight: 9,250 kg

Saw Shaft Motor: 4 x 22 kW (For 4 Saws) 4 x 37 kW (For 8 Saws)

Sawing Diameter: 550 mm

Saw Shaft Diameter: 75 mm

Wood Cutting Diameter: Max. 350 mm

Cutting width: Min. 75 mm, Max. 250 mm

Saw Pcs: 4 Pcs (For 22 kW Motor) 8 Pcs (For 37 kW Motor)

Cutting Speed: 0 + 20 m


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