FN2450, used for drilling 4 hinge slots, reference

holes and handle slots at the same time on wooden

materials in standard and precisely with pneumatic



  • Category : Drilling and Mortising Machines
  • • Drills 4 hinge slots in desired size at the same time
  • • Drills handle slots in desired size
  • • Practically allows adjustment of slot depth
  • • Drills reference holes in order to screw in the hinge
  • • Processing time is 10 seconds for wooden materials with minimum maximum size
  • • All motors are moving on the machine
  • • Possibility to drilling 1,2 or 3 hinge slots optionally thanks to independent motors
  • • Scale at the back gauge allows accurate and easy adjustment
  • • Quality and safe hinge slot drilling operations with pneumatic vertical clamps
  • • 4 hinges on the lid are drilling in a single process for serial production
  • • Dust collection area