Technical Specifications

Headblock Opening Max: 850 mm
Max Log Diameter 900 mm
Hook Opening Distance Max: 735 mm
Hook In & Out Distance In / Min: 35 mm , Out / Max: 140 mm
Spacing Between Headblocks 1000 mm , 2000 mm (Optional)
Rail Length 15 m
Rail Width 1270 mm
Weight    3500 kg
Dimensions 500 x 210 x 200 cm (Length Width Height)


  • Category : Log Processing Machines
  • Specifications
  • Color Touch Screen, fast positioning by adjustable 10 ready set cut sizes on the screen developed by FİMAKSAN. Laser alignment device - Automatic cut size positioning.
  • Operator Control Panel is ergonomic including seat, easy to use, and easily controlled by 2 joysticks and buttons. Log turning can be done easily with the pedal. (Included)
  • Carriage Drive is long life electrodynamic system and steel wire rope, cable driven. 120m /min feed speed is standard.
  • Headblock is driven by a 7.5 kW reducer Motor. 280mm speed is standard.
  • The turning of the log is by a 2.2 kW reducer motor and chain. The turners lift the log easily by the hydraulic powered system.
  • The hook is activated by a solenoid valve and Hydraulic power; maximum Log Control is achieved. Hydraulic unit powered by 7.5 kW motor.
  • In and out, movable hook and fix Headblock system allows clamping accordingly to different sizes of logs. (Min: 35mm - Max: 145mm)
  • The hooks can be worked in and out independently, it is a standard feature.
  •  First Class Siemens SIRIUS electronic components are used.
  • The connection between the carriage and the control panel is by a cable carrying arm.
  • Heat treated guideway on log bed has long life against wear. (Hardness: 50HRC).
  • Log Beds has replaceable wear plates that prevent the log from damaging the guideways.
  • Timed automatic lubrication system reduces friction between headblocks and the guideways.
  • The carriage structure is designed heavy-duty so that it can serve for many years without breakage.
  • ** Working together with FI.120 HDG T - Tandem Band Saw, the shift production reaches up to 100m3. It may vary according to the diameter and length of the log, and if there are secondary log breakdown machine(s) present.