Door Presses Machine

Kocayusuf hot veneer presses have a wide product range and are used in a wide variety of production areas such as furniture, doors, parquet surfaces.

Considering the cost of use of the machine and ergonomic principles, all working dimensions of the machine are reduced to minimum dimensions. The chassis of the machines are manufactured from welded profile irons according to a strength force higher than the highest pressure to be applied to the plates.

Presses are produced with different pressures and sizes, closing from below or moving from above. Presses are not limited to the upper and lower plates, optionally with 1 or more additional plates; these are called «spacers», the amount of production can be increased.

Different equipment can be adapted to the machine according to the consumer’s request. The high production capacities of the machines, the quality and durability of the material used are guaranteed by KOCAYUSUF MACHINE.


  • Category : Door Processing Machine
  • 480 DOOR / PER 8 HOUR