Curved Edge Banding Machine

PREMIER Curved Edge Banding Machine

PREMIER is an edge banding machine for shaped and straightened wooden materials.

This machine allows you to perform many operations with high precision even on curved corners(concave & convex).

In addition with its angular table (angle adjustable table) you can band 0° – 90° easily.

PREMIER is an extremely smart machine that allows you to carry out your Daily work in a simple way.

PREMIER’s ergonomic size and Perfect Quality/ Priceratio makes it easy solution for small and medium sized enterprises.

  • Space saver
  • Efficient
  • Economic

Wood material or product (MDF, Chipboard, Log, Board, Door, Slat, etc.)
edges, PVC material (0.8 – 3 mm), also known as wood material
It works with the principle of bonding the material which acts as a band with the heated glue.
Glue in the melt position by heating in the glue tank by means of resistances
located. Melt glue, holding on the shaft to the bonding area with the help of the shaft
contact with the material to be bonded. Glue can be applied to PVC material,
Can also be applied on wood material. As well as; Both PVC and Wood material
is designed to be driven at the same time. While glue application is in progress
PVC material can be entered automatically or entered according to the dimensions of the wooden material.
The dimensions are finally cut and adjusted to the size of the wood material. Cutting process
It is made with the cutting group located on the machine. Dimensioned according to wood material
Good adhesion when PVC material is in contact with wooden surface
on behalf of the operator in the joining area of the material to both materials
made of non-destructive plastic or thermo-plastic
It provides a smooth and homogeneous bonding process by pressing the rolled roller.
If a material other than the recommendations is to be used when working with the machine
the material to the manufacturer in terms of the suitability of the technical specifications of the machine
the manufacturer`s approval.


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