Leitz Hogger of the new generation
The industry leader for more economic efficiency

Leitz Hogger of the new generation
The industry leader for more economic efficiency

Manufacturers are facing major challenges due to their customers demanding changing quantities as well as requesting a wide variety of carrier and decorative materials to be used in panel production. The new DT Premium compact hogger is the solution for increasing productivity thanks to its long tool life – with perfect quality on the edge and cutting surface. Thanks to the new tooth shape, optimum machining results are achieved over the entire life cycle of the tool. The design enables efficient chip removal and the vibration-reducing tool body further increase the tool life and thus the economic efficiency.

Productivity & Efficiency
Maximum economic efficiency through long tool life

Long tool life even under difficult operating conditions thanks to new tooth shape
Reduction of set-up costs due to long tool life
Efficient chip removal due to innovative gullet geometry and integrated chipbreaker
Cost efficient processing of various materials
Ideal also for batch size 1 due to adapted cutting geometries
Resharpenable up to 15 times through larger resharpening area

Perfect edges and cutting surfaces

Excellent edge quality and smooth cutting surfaces through adapted cutting geometries
Clean workpiece finishes due to efficient chip removal with DFC®-Technology
Constant cutting width over the entire life cycle

Longer tool life time, less dust and noise

Reduced noise due to special tool design
Reduction of noise and vibration through damping elements
Longer tool life time through larger resharpening area

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  • Category : Milling Tools
  • Long tool life across a range of materials
  • Perfect quality on the edge and machined surface
  • Constant cutting width over the entire tool life cycle
  • Two different tooth shapes available
  • DFC® chipbreaker and gullet area
  • Damping elements on the tool body
  • Up to 15 times resharpenable
  • Suitable for all conventional panel materials
  • Available at short notice
  • Diamond tipped