Koca Yusuf cold presses has a variety of products which are used in furniture, door, parquet surface and more different production areas. Size of the machines are minimized regarding the usage area, cost and the ergonomical principles of them. The chasis of the machines are produced from welded irons which are able to resist more than the maximum pressure that could be applied on the plates. Presses are produced in different sizes and pressure limits and they can be closed-down or up in respect of the active plate. Due to the different needs of customers,  different equipments can be integrated to machines. The high production capacities, quality and strength of the machines are guaranteed by KOCAYUSUF MACHINERY.

Teknik Özellikler / Technical Features

-Cylinder stroke: 200-1500 mm.
-Press opening: 200-2000 mm.
-Number of Cylinders: 4-16
-Total Pressure : 70-100-110-125-160-220 ton

Plaka ebatları / Plate Sizes

-With : 800-1 000-1100-1500 mm
-Length : 1600-2200-3000-4000-4500 mm
-CE standards (optional)


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