A superlative degree of packaging protection: a complement that together with our orbital stretch wrapper can help you a lot to improve.
We present you a complementary module for our CMB wrapping machines.
It allows to combine in superimposed layers a great variety of packaging materials, achieving the highest degree of protection.
It allows two types of packaging: completely wrap the product or only the upper face.
Designed for easy, productive and efficient operation.


  • Thanks to its modular design, it can later be incorporated into any of our packaging facilities.
  • Extraordinary protection thanks to the possibility of combining with a multitude of materials, without limits …
  • The only and effective way to minimize your undesired returns as much as possible.
  • By allowing the choice of packaging materials to be combined, we will be able to use those that are most appropriate to the needs of each moment and depending on the type of handling the package will receive.
  • We are facing a packaging system with which, together with our orbital stretch wrapper, you can take a leap into the future, in terms of productivity, energy savings and efficiency.

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  • Category : Packaging and Wrapping Machines