CMB ERS Automatic shrink wrap machine

With this automatic shrink wrap machine, we present you a system designed to work with shrink film and bottom overlap welding for high quality finishes.

The facilities are composed of an entrance table, a welding head and a set of metal blades that have film, an intermediate table and a retraction tunnel.

Its operation is as follows: the product is deposited on the center of the input conveyor table. Then, it passes through the sheet of semi-tube film formed and welded at the beginning. Subsequently, the welding head moves down to weld the other side of the film, leaving the product completely closed. When it goes into the tunnel, the plastic and the overlap welding of the bottom sheets contract. It is an ideal system for all those companies or packaging plants that need to obtain a total visualization of the product, optimizing production times, adjusting costs and increasing their added value.

If you have questions or want us to advise you in a more personal and direct way, you only have to contact our commercial department by filling out this form. We guarantee that this is an automatic shrink wrap machine that will meet all your expectations, being both a safe and a profitable investment.

  • The packaging with shrink film and bottom overlap welding allows to obtain high quality finishes and high productions at very competitive prices.
  • This automatic shrink wrap machine is made up of different elements: entrance table, welding head, set of metal blades with film, intermediate table and retraction tunnel.

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  • Category : Packaging and Wrapping Machines