CMB ERB Shrink Wrapper

This shrink wrapper is made up of two packaging modules: EB (welding head) and RB (shrink tunnel).

It has been designed to optimize industrial packaging with shrink film. It allows a good visualization of the final product and, at the same time, a high production, together with a very competitive cost.

With this type of facility, a very wide variety of products can be protected: furniture of all kinds, woods, mattresses, textiles, profiles and fences, automotive accessories …

Our shrink wrapper ERB works as follows: the product is placed on the centre of the input conveyor table, starting the packaging process automatically or activated by the pedal. Next, the product to be packed passes through the curtain of film sheets that are welded together at their ends, and the welding bar descends until the top film sheet is welded to the bottom, leaving the package closed by the front and rear ends, but open at the sides. It is when entering the tunnel of the shink wrapper that the film contracts, adjusting to the product and leaving it fully packaged and ready for handling.

  • Shrink wrapper for the protection of a wide variety of products using shrink film.
  • ERB facilities are made up of two packaging modules: EB (welding bar) and RB (retraction tunnel).
  • The PE (polyethylene) film, when in contact with the heat, contracts and exerts a fastening effect on the product, protecting it and isolating it completely from dust, water and other external aggressions.
  • It allows the visualization of the final product and provides high quality finishes.

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  • Category : Packaging and Wrapping Machines