CMB COOLPACK Horizontal wrapper combining stretch and bubble film

COOLPACK horizontal stretch wrappers are made up of an input table, a welding head, an intermediate table, a rotating crown with the integral transport system (COOLPACK-TI) and an output table.
The packaging cycle is carried out in two processes:

  • The first creates a bag (bubble film, polyethylene, etc.), which leaves the product inside.
  • In the second process, this bag is wrapped with stretch film leaving the product to be packed perfectly protected from the outside.
  • The product must be located on the input conveyor table and the packaging process starts automatically.


  • Packaging system that combines the bubble film and the stretch film. With this horizontal stretch wrapper a high protection is achieved with low energy consumption.
  • Ability to accept products of various formats, making it an efficiently flexible solution.
  • Extreme ease of preparation and start-up for daily operation as a heat source is not necessary as it is in the retraction system.

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  • Category : Packaging and Wrapping Machines