Nesto 5 Axis CNC Wood Lathe machine is cnc machining center of 5 interpolated axes. It is equipped with a debarker blade, triangle blade, rounded blade ( optional sanding unit ). In addition Nesto 5 Axis Wood Lathe has 24000rpm spindle motor with a 5 position tool changer. With the optional sanding unit it is possible to produce a completely finished companent that requires no further work on it.
Nesto 5 axis CNC wood lathe machine is capable of producing either turned or shaped furniture and joinery parts. Stair spindles, chair,table and sofa legs among others can be all be produced on this machine.
Machine is increasing the production efficiency with the machining process of turning, milling, drilling and sanding.


• Piece Working Area: 160mm*160mm*1000mm
• Control Unit: Panasonic
• Screen: Weintek 15” Touch Screen
• Z Axis Motion: 1000mm
• X Axis Motion: 225mm
• (Z) Speed Movenement Long Axis: 96 m
• (X) Speed Movenement Short Axis: 25 m
• (Y) Speed Movement Vertical Axis: 20m
• 5.Axis (A) : +60 / -60 Degree
• (C) Speed Monevement Lathe Axis: 4500rpm
• Total Power :29 kw
• Weight: 4000 kgs
• Machine Dimensions: Width: 4340mm * Depht:1930mm * Height: 2340mm
• Self Lubricating
• Part Clamping : Pnömatik Piston (7 Bar)
• Piece Lenght Adjusting: With Remote Control
• Cutting Blade :
• Triangle Blade made by special steel
• Rounded Blade made by special steel
• Debarker Blade
• ATC (Automatic Tool Changer) 24000rpm spindle (5 Different Tool Magazine)
* OPTIONAL Program for Drawings : Specially designed Cad-Cam Program for us (Made in Italy)



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