Siemens Control Unit

Max Square: 160 X 160 mm

Maximum Length: 1200 mm

Long Axis Speed: 70 m / Min

Short Axis Speed: 40 m / Min.

Y Axis Speed: 30 m/dk

Working Power: 22 Kw

Servo Motor with Absolud Encoder

X Axis: 1.5 kW. Servo Motor (Siemens)

Z Axis: 1 kW ServoMotor (Siemens)

Y Axis: 0.75 kW ServoMotor (Siemens)

A Axis: 3,7 kW 6000 rpm Servo Spindle motor (Siemens)

Weight: 3300 kg

Male tenon up to 40 cm

Dimensioning on the machine without the need

for a program

Square, round, cross tenon

5 female tenons side by side

Adjustable Flange

Automatic Centering: Pneumatic

Linear Movement System: PMI

Workpiece Clamping: Pneumatic

Automatic Centering

Centering Section

Automatic Lubrication




  • Category : Turning Machines