AIMSAD Üye Kataloğu 2021 / AIMSAD Member Catalog 2021

ABOUT AIMSAD Woodworking Machinery and Side Indus- tries Businessmen Association (AIMSAD) was established in Istanbul on June 6, 2014. The mission of AIMSAD, foundations were laid by being impressed by the non-govern- mental organizations in Europe; is to provide cooperation, solidarity and knowledge ex- change among its member companies being active as manufacturers or representatives in the woodworking machinery and side in- dustries; to make studies and commitments to solve its members’ problems related to economic, financial, legal, administrative, technological, manufacturing, export and im- port and to expand the domestic and global markets for woodworking machinery and side industry products and reach them the most advanced level. Although AIMSAD was established by woodworking machinery manufacturers and centered in Istanbul, it foresees to bring all related companies from the machinery and side industries together under its roof, across Turkey. For this reason, geographical regions that most of the companies of the sector focus on even in its administrative bodies are considered and it is given impor- tance to represent all the side industries. AIMSAD’s principle membership is corpo- rate; it is an association which is open to all companies doing business in the sector consisted of woodworking machinery and manufacturers and representatives of the products of side industries of these ma- chines, and which is active in social, cultural, commercial and economical fields. In addi- tion to the principle members which are corporate, AIMSAD also has honorary and academic members. Individuals from scien- tific and business environments who con- tribute to the development of the sector of AIMSAD or individuals assessed to contrib- ute to AIMSAD with their academic studies are invited and accepted as members under these categories. The headquarter of AIMSAD is in Kartal District, and the number of AIMSAD mem- bers has reached to 66 as of February 2021. The mid-term aims of AIMSAD is to sub- mit position papers to Ministries and other official authorities by participating in com- mittees related to the sector, to contribute to the sectoral activities, establishing good relations and efficient partnership with the associations of furniture sector which have a close relationship with the woodworking 17