AIMSAD Üye Kataloğu 2021 / AIMSAD Member Catalog 2021

FROM THE SECRETARY GENERAL Dear Industry Stakeholders, I believe that Wood- working Machinery and Side Industries Busi- nessmen Association of Turkey (AIMSAD) that was founded on June 6, 2014, had successful operations and great achievements in these seven years despite of being a very young association. Our fair participa- tions continue at full speed with public relations, domestic and overseas representations. On the other hand, we had launched Magazine AIMSAD that is published and distributed bimonthly as of 2015 as 4.000 prints per issue and supported the Istanbul WOODTECH Woodworking Machinery Fair of REED TÜYAP and Anatolian fairs of TÜYAP as their main sponsors. Our exports continue to increase gladsomely. Ex- ports of the sector, which was $70 million in 2016, $84 million in 2017, $102,5 million in 2018, $98 million in 2019 and by the end of 2020 and reached $110 million level. I am proud to state that this figure was a new record of the all times. The top 10 countries we exported to in 2020 were Russian Federation, Iraq, Algeria, Uzbekistan, Unit- ed Kingdom, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Egypt and Italy. Russian Federation became one of indispens- able country for our export instead of Algeria in 2020. It is pleasing that Poland, Italy and the United Kingdom, who stand out as importing countries, are included in Turkey’s top exporting countries. Al- though the figures have not yet reached the desired level, I think it would be enough for our manufactur- ers to say “we are now in these markets”. In the import pillar of the sector, we see that the im- port of $138 million dollars in 2013 has decreased by almost 70 percent in the last years. We can say that this is caused by importers’ tendency to start manufacturing, the failure of foreign products to compete with domestic products in the domestic market in terms of price and quality, the domes- tication policies of the government and economic conditions of Turkey. The imports of $48 million in our sector at the end of 2019 decreased by 4,5 percent in 2020 and was realized as $46 million. In 2020, Germany, Italy and China ranked the top among the countries with the highest imports. Based on this data, as the woodworking machinery sector of Turkey, although we have a small share in the general machinery sector, we are proud to rank the first as “the sector where the exports exceed the imports”. For this purpose, we will fulfill our role as AIMSAD, and participate in overseas fairs to represent our country, our industry, and our members, and hold or- ganizations as pavilions. Also, we published our new portal in only English language on May, 2020 that address is . We are going to support our members also on digital platforms. I, once again, underline that we are always open to and ready for all types of cooperation with equiv- alent associations and industry stakeholders either domestic or foreign. Best regards, Best regards, Arif Onur KAÇAK AIMSAD Secretary General 12