AIMSAD Üye Kataloğu 2021 / AIMSAD Member Catalog 2021

LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT Dear Colleagues, I would like to express my great pleasure to be here before you with new AIMSAD Member Catalog for 2021 that we are about to com- plete the seventh year of Woodworking Machin- ery and Side Industries Businessmen Association (AIMSAD) and salute you on behalf of AIMSAD Board. I am proud to say that we had many successful operations and great achievements within the last seven years that passed since our establishment as AIMSAD. For this, I would like to thank first to our Board and our Secretariat General, and then to our member companies that always stand by AIMSAD, and all domestic and foreign public and industry stakeholders that supported us. AIMSAD that reached a total member figure of 66 as of February 2021 is a member of European Fed- eration of Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers (EUMABOIS) since September 2014, Machinery In- dustry Platform (MSSP) since March 2015, Forestry, Paper and Furniture Industry Technical Committee of Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology (ORKAMOTEK) since August 2015, Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Council of Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB) since March 2016, Machinery Technical Committee (MAKTEK) of Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, Federation of Machinery Manufac- turing Industry Associations (MAKFED), Federation of Industrial Associations and Development Plan Machinery Working Group of Turkish Ministry of Development. Another important move that is made by AIMSAD in is to lead the establishment of and chairing the Woodworking Machinery Mirror Committee to Turkish Standards Institution (TSE). This committee contributes to all global and EU standards regard- ing woodworking machinery while they were only at the draft phase by sharing its comments on behalf of Turkey. You know that I was elected to the Board of Direc- tors of Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers (EUMABOIS) in the General Assembly held on Sep- tember 8, 2016, in Switzerland. After that, I was elected again for another 3 years to the Board of Directors of EUMABOIS in the General Assembly held on November 1, 2019, in Czech. EUMABOIS, which aims to become an interactive information exchange platform bringing together experienced en- trepreneurs, also, conducts various statistical studies and market researches for the sector. Being in the Board of EUMABOIS that hosts scientific studies by organizing events such as conferences and panels is very important both for our sector and AIMSAD. We gain experience by taking part in all the operations of EUMABOIS and share all the beneficial information with our members. Moreover, we, as AIMSAD, had attended to almost thirty five overseas fairs held in Germany, USA, Italy, Russia, Poland, Iran, Dubai, Egypt and Ukraine within these past six years. I believe that we represented both our sector and our association and its members successfully in these fairs that we attended. At each of these fairs, the interest in Turkish machinery makes us really happy. And by immediately submitting the machinery and accessory demands of foreign custom- ers to our members through message groups on our smart devices, we manage to contact the demanding countries even before the fair is over. We attach great importance to such fairs to help our members prog- ress faster in export and focus on such operations. We forecast a significant improvement in the sector as AIMSAD. I would like to underline once again that we, as AIMSAD, would like to see all the non-member companies of our industry among us with the belief that uniting will always give us more strength Sincerely yours, Mustafa S. EROL AIMSAD President 8